Dentist Jenkins Introduces the Benefits of Endodontic Treatments

Dentist Jenkins KY┬áis a Long Island resident who enjoys solving problems for people. He earned his first start in the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital in New York City when he was summoned to resuscitate an unconscious man who’d stopped breathing due to oxygen deprivation. Though bystanders had given CPR, the man continued to refuse to take the first doctor’s advice and despite repeated attempts, eventually died. Dentist Jenkins took charge of the case and practiced it at length in order to gain further expertise and hone his professional skills.

After attending dental school, Dentist Jenkins went to work for himself and set up his own office in East Orange, NJ. There he began practicing dentistry by focusing on endodontics, a field focused on tooth root problems, such as decay, receding gums, and abscesses. Once he had become proficient in endodontics he was then called to come to the aid of another Long Island resident, this time a locksmith, after the locksmith technician had been asleep in his shop working on someone’s car. The locksmith’s client had locked his keys inside his car while he went out for the day. Dentist Jenkins correctly interpreted the situation and opened the door for the locksmith, who was able to get both keys out of the car and return them to the key’s owner.

Dentist Jenkins qualified as an endodontist in 2021 and continues to practice today with other dentists in the area. Along with this he also took on other courses to supplement his education. One of these courses focused on emergency procedures and how to deal with patients suffering from such emergencies, like the one the locksmith had just had. This case led to the creation of the first chapter of the Specialized Emergency Dentistry course that is taught all over the country.

Throughout Dentist Jenkins’ many years practicing dentistry he also received many other professional awards, including the Outstanding Dentist title from the Kentucky State Dental Association. He has also been a finalist in several dental surgeries including a reconstructive breast surgery, a reconstructive nose surgery, and a dental implant procedure. During his time as a finalist he performed work on the first implant reconstruction implant ever performed and was one of the very first people to be implanted with the new technology. He has also served on the boards of several professional organizations and has been a recipient of numerous professional awards. He currently holds the president of the Kentucky State Dental Association.

When it comes to emergency dentistry, Dentist Jenkins has set the standard that other emergency dentists are expected to emulate. As he is part of the team that takes care of injured or ill persons in the rural southern part of Kentucky, he sees first hand how difficult even ordinary dental emergencies can be. Many times these emergency dental cases turn out to be quite life threatening and the trauma involved makes it even more difficult for doctors to deal with. For this reason Dentist Jenkins strongly recommends that all patients who come to him to be prepared for any dental emergency by having a list of regular dentists that they can call in case of an emergency.

As a result of what Dentist Jenkins has done for the dental industry he is now widely recognized as a leader in the dental industry. He serves as the official dental ambassador for the Kentucky State Dental Association. His office has also set up a pain free consultation line for interested patients to use when they have a question or concern regarding their endodontic needs. Anyone looking for a caring, experienced endodontic specialist should consider making an appointment with Dentist Jenkins in KY. The opportunities for lifelong learning and professional growth are endless in the rewarding field of endodontics. If you are looking for a challenging career that offers both intellectual stimulation and personal satisfaction, then this could be just the career for you.

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